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aaronpurr said: MY BIRTHDAY IS JANUARY 24th can we literally go see it then or around then I NEED TO GET TICKETS I'M CRYING


slslkdfjsfdkjlsdflksflksdlkksdlksjdflks yes yes yes we can

we must converse adsjodoasidhsia



Tickets for the Hamilton musical are now on sale for Public Theater members and partners.  Tickets will be available to the general public starting July 29.

Tickets are now available to the general public!


Chrys Watches GoT [x]

  1. roose: tell me what you see
  2. ramsay: the curtains?


me dying



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ily i have more

i want more

“Get this,” Eliza said, fanning her painted nails with a magazine. “You know Aaron Burr? Trust fund baby in our econ class.”

“Sure. Our families know each other, I think.”

“Figures. Anyway, I hear he maxed out his uncle’s credit card filling an entire classroom with red roses.”

Betsey frowned. “Why would he do that?”

“Probably to impress some girl. He’s hooked up with half the school.”

“I thought you two were together.”

The other girl snorted. “Yeah, for a few hours last Saturday.”

Betsey glanced up, eyebrows raised.

“Don’t look at me like that, Schuyler. Aaron Burr wouldn’t know what commitment was if it did a body shot off his Eurotwink ass.”

watermillions said: i still have the eliza jumel/eliza schuyler college roommates au that i never published

i still have to finish my part of the aaron/theodosia college au

watermillions said: YOU PUT ME IN YOUR ABOUT PAGE <3

I DID u heathen <3

judging you for judging me tbh

"i don’t have time for sloppy bitches throwing shade with no expectation of retribution" —- alexander hamilton

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i don’t have time for sloppy bitches throwing shade with no expectation of retribution

— alexander hamilton





anna publishes every single one of my asks whether or not i mean for her to

i know that this is true and i literally don’t care if you don’t want people to see you fucking fanmail that shit i don’t have time for sloppy bitches throwing shade with no expectation of retribution i just made a post about how sex makes people freaks and that’s okay you think i care????

i cant breathe

#this whole thing was so hamiltonian

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are you even one to talk about creepy ARE YOU KIDDING ME HERE

this has been a weird night don’t judge me

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